Spring Compositions in Luxury Vases


I have always been inspired by thick crystal: it suggests an association with a block of ice. And this shooting symbolizes the awakening of spring: the victory of nature, in which an incredible riot of colors, forms, and movements is born.

Crystal Vases

This project is a collaboration with TSUM, the largest Russian reseller of luxury, and premium clothing and luxury goods. In creating flower arrangements, I started from crystal vases of three major brands: Lalique, Daum, and Baccarat.


Spring Compositions in Luxury Vases by Dmitry Turcan quote



So heavy and overwhelming vases, as a rule, just stand in the interior and are rarely used for their intended purpose. I showed that you can find your own flowers under any vase and make your own composition.

All these works are also very personal stories about my own feelings and expectations; I live in St. Petersburg (Russia) and now I really miss spring. So far, spring is only in my fantasies and in my works.


Spring Compositions in Luxury Vases by Dmitry Turcan - design 1


The Flowers I Used

The flowers that I used to create the artwork are Kenyan single-headed roses from Uhuru Flowers, and spray roses from Red Lands Roses.

Japanese ranunculus, gorgeous in their color, was grown in the Netherlands by Monarch Flowers.

Unique clematis that can only be found at Marginpar.

And also dear lisianthus from Montana Lisianthus.


Spring Compositions in Luxury Vases by Dmitry Turcan - design 3


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