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The coronavirus pandemic has been especially devastating for wedding and event floral designers. With the stop to social gatherings- weddings and special events have been put on pause until next year!

Although we anticipate 2021 being busy for weddings and event florists- right now wedding floral designers are suffering to “make ends meet” and aren’t even sure they’ll survive to keep their business afloat until next year.

Thankfully, flower delivery is still an option. Many wedding/event florists are now opting to eCommerce and offering everyday floral designs and becoming a full-service retail florist. This has kept many wedding florists able to make a stream of revenue to help them through this rough time.

If you are a wedding and event florist only and are scrambling to make some much-needed cash flow, perhaps you can consider going retail to keep your business going for the next 6-8 months or so.

Floral eCommerce Website:

Start with a floral eCommerce Website, if you already have a website consider adding a shopping page or subdomain to keep your internet SEO rankings. Starting a whole new website will take time to show on the first page of Google. You will need to add specific keywords and descriptions to your website as well to rank for flower delivery.

Post flower arrangements that customers can purchase for every occasion or holiday. It is always also best to showcase your own floral designs. The days of having a floral catalog on a florist website with endless product designs are a thing of the past.

Feel free to cultivate 10-20 floral product options that are fresh and utilize flower stems you can easily acquire. Less is always more. Also do not be afraid to offer all “Designers Choice” options if that works best for you.

This allows you to be creative with easy to purchase seasonal blooms and also takes out the stress of having an endless amount of flowers for specific recipes you may never use.


Make sure to offer a flower subscription plan, this allows customers to send flowers at an affordable price point to their loved one on a reoccurring basis.

Floral Marketing:

Sign up on an email marketing platform and send out email marketing campaigns to reach your wedding/event clients. Let them know you are now offering everyday floral arrangements for delivery. Create social media posts to gather new clients. Make sure your Google Business page reflects your new flower delivery options and encourage reviews to get your brand recognized. Learn more about Google Bussiness.

  • Send Out Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Create Social Media Posts
  • Do A Facebook Ad
  • Run a Google Adwords Ad
  • Send Out Postcard Mailers
  • Join A Creditable Florist Directory
  • Aquire Google Reviews

These simple steps will get you on your way to transitioning to a retail florist. We understand how tough the COVID-19 pandemic has been on the floristry industry and most of all to wedding and event florists. This too shall pass and you will see that your business will start to flourish in no time.



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