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Supporting your Local Florists this Mother’s Day & every day is the right to do!

“Quality of life actually begins at home – it’s in your street, around your community.” -Charles Kennedy

support your local florist we love florists

It doesn’t have to be a special occasion; it’s just another way of saying, “I’m thinking of you!” Flowers mean so much. The beautiful gesture of giving them, or sending them, is a sign of love, friendship, respect, and admiration. And they make you smile.

This Mother’s Day take the time to support your local florists and shop directly from them. Supporting your local florists has more benefits than you’d think, and here is why!

Supporting Your Local Community:

It goes without saying that purchasing from your local florists will allow them to stay in business. Besides, these small businesses are so critical to the prosperity of your local area; helping aid local, state, and the national economy; as well as creating jobs. Residents can easily support their local florists simply by calling them directly or placing an order on their website.

As always, when you support local, you get the personal touch. You can be ensured that flower shop owners are taking the proper precautions to send your loved one’s flowers this Mother’s Day with curating with the freshest seasonal blooms cut and cared to order to ensure a longer-lasting floral arrangement.

Florists are also taking COVID-19 precautions, after all, it’s your health and well-being that takes top priority with flower shop owners.

Here are just some of the ways local florists go the extra mile to show they care!

  • Floral delivery drivers are equipped with disposable masks and gloves for each delivery.
  • Flower arrangements are left on the porch with no signature required. Notification by text to customers or recipients alerts them of delivery.
  • Delivery vans, and floral design areas, are strictly sanitized.
  • Some local florists are open for safe flower arrangement pickups.

Precautions such as these should make you feel confident in ordering flowers locally. And you’ll also feel good about supporting a local small business, who will get 100 percent of the profit—and give YOU 100 percent value of what you paid.

Say NO to Floral Wire Service/Order Gatherers:

If you haven’t shopped locally before, you can easily find florists in your area under “Local Listings” using Google maps when searching your local area.

Just beware, floral wire service companies can easily be disguised as local because they appear at the top during a web search. They are cleverly worded to appear local, but the key thing is, there will not be an address on their website if you are still unsure call them directly ask them if they are personally arranging your floral order. And when the order is fulfilled, you can guarantee the flowers won’t be as lovely.

In the past, local florists would work with floral wire services. However, the floral wire service would take a big commission from the order and it’s the local florist who suffered. Today, more and more local florists are getting wise to this and doing away with floral wire services. It’s just not worth the fees and during these times every penny counts!

So why not go directly to the right source? Your local florist! He or she will take the order directly from you—which means they will get the order right! It’s not only a no-nonsense way to do business, but a beautiful way to say you care during these trying times.


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