Proposal Writing Tips for Florists



I know that many florists are STILL giving away TOO MUCH DETAIL in your initial quote:

  • Pictures on every line item = Too much detail

  • Descriptions of what’s in every bouquet = Too much detail

  • 3 Pages of financial breakdowns on labor, supplies and taxes = Too much detail

Too much detail doesn’t just waste your time and energy, but it’s a turn off for potential clients as well!

Click below to watch a replay  of my livestream with 3 Tips on Writing Proposals Quickly!

Takeaways from today’s chat:

  • Schedule the time to start writing the quote.
  • Use a template. Don’t start from scratch. (However, consider how much information is too much?)
  • Set an expiration date. (Click here for more on this: Should you set an expiration date?)
  • See additional resources below to help you book clients more quickly!

Today’s chat was inspired by a question that was asked in my Facebook group last week: Does anyone outsource their proposals?

I know that writing proposals can be a chore, but a good proposal is what helps you CLOSE THE SALE and that’s why it’s important to manage that “in house”!

Last week, I wrote 3 proposals and booked all 3 new clients! (2 of them accepted my quote within 5 minutes of receiving it! The other booked within 1 day.)

Then, this week, I got 2 new inquiries, sent out both proposals and already got another “yes” in less than 24 hours!

So whether it’s you (the owner) writing the proposal or a trusted employee, it’s part of your sales process and you should have systems in place for getting it done quickly.

I hope today’s tips are helpful to you the next time you sit down to write a proposal for a new client!

xo. -Alison

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I have been hating proposals for five years now because I put so much work and detail into them. Your templates have inspired me to just simplify and I love it!”  


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