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Flower Compote Peach And Purple Recipe

Floral designers love compote floral styles, they are the perfect showpiece for events, and every day. The compote style offers a beautifully gathered asymmetrical look in a dish, vase, or urn container that is on top of a based stem.

Compote floral designs offer a whimsical, flowy, romantic look and feel that can be large or small. Today we will share a compote peach and purple color flower recipe with you.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Note:You may use floral foam (oasis) instead of a floral pillow, however, I prefer a floral pillow as it gives me more control and is also safer for the environment. This is strictly up to your preference. Make sure to secure either the floral foam or pillow to your container with tape.

Peach & Purple Compote Flower Recipe:

Peach and Lavender Flower Compote Recipe

  • 1 Stem ofPurple Hydrangea
  • 4 Stems ofMarbella Garden Rose
  • 3 Stems of Lavender Lace Spray Roses
  • 5 Stems of Faith Roses
  • 2 Stems of Carpe Diem Roses
  • 4 Stems of Burgundy Snapdragons
  • 2 Stems of Grape Lisianthus
  • 2 Stems of Blue Clematis
  • 3 Stems of Peach Ranunculus
  • 3 Stems of Purple Waxflower
  • 4 Stems of Geranium Foliage
  • 3 Stems of Green Pittosporum

How I like To Start A Compote Floral Design:

Floral designing allows you to be as creative as you like and basically there are no rules, that said utilizing the basic floral design principles will help you achieve a more cohesive appearance. Look for balance, regardless it is an asymmetrical flower design, your curated floral masterpiece should feel balanced.

Look at your overall rhythm, harmony, portion, and color scheme to achieve pleasing to the eye designs. Every floral designer has its own design techniques- go ahead and explore what works best for you.

  1. Tape floral pillow to your compote vessel.
  2. Next, I like to start with my greens first, if I am looking to achieve an asymmetrical look I focus on which side I want more dominate with longer flowery greenery. I fill in all the extra spaces, make sure your greenery stems are fully submerged in the water when placing in the floral pillow.
  3. I usually go for my large statement flower after the greenery. A few large statement blooms are all you need.
  4. Fill in with your unique blooms such as peonies or garden roses and then follow by your filler flowers.

Floral compote designs are so much fun to curate as you can really play up your creative flair. Go for a garden-style flowy design or one that is more compact- it is all up to your imagination.

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