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If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing. ― Marc Chagall

Choose Floral Designers Choice

As the Covid-19 crisis hit, everyone began social distancing for a safer tomorrow. Florists across the nation were no different. Covid-19 disrupted the chain of supply for florists because major wholesalers were almost all closed. Obtaining certain flowers for specific floral designs has become harder than ever to get. And like many businesses, florists also had to adjust to what our country called “the new normal.”

Choosing Flowers From A Florists’ Website

This brings us to choosing flowers from a website. The exact arrangement a customer sees online is nearly impossible, to begin with; now more so than ever.

Since most people do not read sizes, the arrangement tends to look larger on a website. Many people also fail to look over the flower substitution policy, not every flower is available during all seasons. This makes for disappointment in the end.

In order for customers not to be disheartened with the end result, there’s an imaginative, inventive option—Designer’s Choice options.

This is nothing new. But what is new, is that some florists now offer only Designer’s Choice options. By doing so, it makes for a smoother running flower-business operation. Florists are now hearing fewer complaints on the arrangement size or the ever-so-popular photo that looks different online.

Designer’s Choice doesn’t go by a website recipe. When you go for Designer’s Choice, you can guarantee your floral arrangement will be inimitable.

This is where trust comes in. Consumers must have confidence that their local florist will do an amazing job. With a bit of flexibility and a “think out-of-the-box” attitude, the florist can be extremely creative. After all, florists know the deal.

The florist is both the artist and the expert. The florist knows what flowers are in season. The florist knows that those flower stems you could not easily get last April are now available. Your florist will certainly not disappoint you, making every attempt to match the flower type and color you request.

The Future of Floral Design

Designer’s Choice options are the future of floral design.

Imagine, an artist like Vincent Van Gogh wouldn’t showcase another artist’s work on his website. That is why you should trust your florist’s artistic judgment.

A florist will work with flowers available—and in season—to craft an arrangement that speaks to you and represents your loved ones. Designer’s Choice covers it all: Designers Choice Seasonal, Designer’s Choice Sympathy, Designer’s Choice Birthday, or even a Designer’s Choice plant for Mom.

Remember, florists, are always eager to work in building an arrangement in a style that’s appreciated, using flowers that make sense for the occasion.

Even when you request Designer’s Choice, florists will be more than happy to take into consideration your price range and color scheme, while working with what is seasonal and on-hand. All you have to do is provide them with details.

Florists love having creative control in designing something exclusive and exquisite. By selecting Designer’s Choice, you’re also giving your floral designer liberty to use the freshest flowers in season in order to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind arrangement because it’s never before seen—and will be unforgettable!




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