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Florists’ Want To Book More Wedding Clients?

“I have never worked a day in my life without selling. If I believe in something, I sell it, and I sell it hard.” –Estée Lauder


The wedding floral industry has grown enormously over the past couple of years. Social media played a huge role in making wedding florals center stage.

Of course, we all get that the COVID19 pandemic put a damper on floral wedding services this year however let us think of the saying “After the storm, the sun always comes up.” The sun sure does come up about 75% of florists that I have spoken to have expressed that they are already booked solid for floral wedding services in 2021 with the other 25% almost completely booked.

If you’re just entering the profession of a wedding florist then these 4 easy steps will give you a guide on structuring the perfect wedding consultation for your clients ensuring that clients sign on the dotted line right away.

Step 1: Preparation

Wedding consultations allow your client to decide who they want to hire for their wedding florals. It is absolutely important that you be prepared to receive your client to alleviate leaving a bad impression and not getting booked for their wedding florals. In order to do this you will want to be sure to have:

  • A designated area either in your flower shop, studio, or home to receive your wedding clients.
  • Floral Wedding software or worksheet to take notes on your client’s floral needs and wants.
  • A wedding floral gallery to showcase to your client. The floral gallery doesn’t necessarily have to be all your own designs -if you are just starting out a collage of different inspirational wedding images is all you need. Grab these images on social media- this will allow you to get a sense of what your client gravitates too.
  • A standard list of questions to ask your clients.
  • A floral wedding contract.

Step 2: Be A Good Listener

In the first meeting, you will want to listen to your client to establish exactly what floral vision they have. Even if their wants and budget dont necessarily match at this point let your client express to you all before you interject. Be sure to jot down all your client communicates with you during this process on your worksheet or wedding software.

Wedding planning can be lots of fun for your clients however it can also be stressful, take notice of your clients- are they pretty laid back or a bit tenser, this will allow you to gauge your approach when you start giving your recommendations in step 3.

Step 3: Client Connection

During step 3 and after you already kind of established your client’s personality you can proceed with your list of questions and recommendations. The objective here is not to oversell your wedding floral services but to be fully transparent. Educate your client on the seasonality of flowers if you feel their requests are difficult to obtain.

Below are a few sample questions to ask directly to your client even if they already spoke about this somewhat ask again to be sure.

  1. Where and when is your wedding?
  2. Wedding flower delivery locations? If more then one and times.
  3. What are your wedding colors- overall look & feel?
  4. How many in your wedding party?
  5. How many guests will attend your wedding?
  6. What is your wedding floral budget?
  7. Do you have wedding inspiration images to share?

When first starting out as a wedding florist it is good to keep in mind that you will not be able to accommodate every wedding client. The purpose, of course, is to book weddings here however it is not to extend yourself into territory where you know it just won’t be possible to please your client.

It is important that you commit to what you can deliver 100% and if there are any questions on blooms, seasonality, or pricing be sure to communicate with your client. Do not sell your self short on pricing to book a wedding or over-promise services you know may be difficult to execute.

Step 4: Personal Gift

When the wedding consultation is complete whether your client booked with you or needs more time- now is your opportunity to leave a lasting impression. Have a set of wedding business marketing consultation gifts ready that you can combine with sweet small floral arrangements to give your clients as their send-off.

The purpose of this gift is for your business to resonate with your wedding client and they love the extra touch, nothing too expensive is needed.


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