Vijf emoties van Tina Parkes


Tina Parkes started working in the floristry industry when she was 16, is the only English florist with a Dutch Masters in Floristry and co-founder of the Academy of Floral Art. Together with Julie Collins she created an unique training experience in Floristry and Flower Arranging, with courses for both professional floristry development and recreational enjoyment.


This is my favourite emotion. As a floral designer I love finding something on a walk that just fires inspiration in me. For example a seed pod that has an amazing structure or opening mechanism, a delicate branch that is covered in the most amazing coloured lichens that leads to endless possibilities.

As a tutor when I see a student struggling with something that they then overcome or succeed with. The glow of euphoria for achieving the challenge they thought they could not is pretty special.

Happyness for me is being in the state of happyness as much as possible, then I find more things happen that make me feel happy.


It’s not a term I like but for me it’s recognising that I don’t understand something that is alien to me, that is all. It creates an opportunity for me to work harder to try and explore an opinion, idea or concept.


Each day I hope to inspire my students. And I am thankful that I get to continue to do this amazing job I adore and work with the people who I love and admire.


Pride is a funny emotion. I am so proud of my students when they are brave and trust themselves enough to push out of their own barriers and self imposed limits. And I and extremely grateful for all the support that has been given so generously to me from my partner, friends and family.


I have made good and bad decisions but they are all part of my journey and have shaped my way to this point.


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