We look back at a colored Tulip weekend.

Last saturday january 16, thousands of tourists and interested citizens visited the national Tulip event on the Dam square in Amsterdam. They witnessed the launch of a new tulip, called ‘the Tuplipa Spinoza’. Lots of international press saw how over 17.000 people picked 200.000 tulips in the garden. The last tulip was picked at 4PM on the Dam.

Flower Factor was also there! Curious how it was? Watch the video impression beneath.

[youtube id=l325DBGTV_s][/youtube]

Tulpevent flowerfactor16

Tulpevent flowerfactor18

Tulpevent flowerfactor19


Tulpevent flowerfactor4

Tulpevent flowerfactor17

Tulpevent flowerfactor11

Tulpevent flowerfactor12

Tulpevent flowerfactor15

Tulpevent flowerfactor10

Tulpevent flowerfactor14

Tulpevent flowerfactor13

Tulpevent flowerfactor3

Tulpevent flowerfactor9

Tulpevent flowerfactor8

Tulpevent flowerfactor7

Tulpevent flowerfactor6

Tulpevent flowerfactor5

Tulpevent flowerfactor2