The five emotions of Nelleke Bontje


Always a happy and energetic appearance, thats Nelleke Bontje (32) for sure. Ambitious as she is she backpacked through Australia when she was just 19. Exploring and finding her own way brought her very far in life. In 2011 she started blogging about flowers and created DVD’s with instructions about floral arranging. Now she is an essential part of the Flower Factor team for 2 years. Read about her experiences of the five emotions we keeps asking different floral designers.


Ok I don‘t always feel happy but I am incredibly happy! I have so much in my life to be happy and grateful about. I have awesome family and friends. I have the best relationship with my boyfriend, full of love and we are having our first baby on the way! My work is fun at Flower Factor, with Pim van den Akker and all the things I get to do with my Blog Things are going good in my life, I’m good for life, life is good for me. 

Happiness doesn’t come to you as easily. You have to do something for it and be sensible about it. Its all about how you see and experience your life, not so much what happens in it! I check regularly with myself whether I still feel happy with what I do, if so, I continue, if not I find out what happened and change it if possible or I give it another twist .



Stupid things are needed in life. Yes, without “stupid” there is no ‘nice’ just like without night there is no sense of day. Perhaps profound but so it is. If you know that, you can accept many things in life better. I find things, people and situations rather ‘special’ and ‘amazing’ than really stupid … 

And if you necessarily want to know what I think is stupid it will be; sneaky and hypocritical people… I can’t handle that very well. At the same time, I feel kind of sorry for them that they have the idea to have to live that way to survive.



Frankly, I ‘m very proud of myself. As a little girl I was not really brave and assertive, they ‘forgot’ about me often in the classroom. And in groups I did not dare to say more than just my name. When I look at who I am now, what I do, have done and what I have accomplished, I can already make a magnificent museum of my life!  

I worked hard to become who I am today and that makes me very proud.


You must always keep something to desire and always have a dream to move forward to and grow. But, is that the same as hope … ? 

Maybe I find ‘Hope’ a weird word , it sounds so passive. I’m working on things I want to get better at. I live well , I do well and help where I can , I have lots of love to give and these things reflect on my life . 

Of course I hope for world peace that everyone on Earth is healthy and has enough to eat. But I think that a great illusion… Maybe we evolve all together sometime to another dimension or level of consciousness just like the Maya people, where all is well. But until that time, mankind has so much to learn for instance that the earth keeps itself in balance (what does not mean that everyone needs to let go of everything, but let things take their course).


Yes regret… I have known regret in my life but now I see them mostly as learning opportunities. They became experiences I needed to grow and become wiser. I needed the moments to learn to stand up for myself, to be more clear and to experience how terrible it is to hurt another. Now I can say I always act honest and with the best intentions so regret is not necessary anymore.




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