The Five Emotions of Mischa Hulshof


Our next flower arranger Mischa Hulshof is 27 years young . Yet he was already arranging flower designs for many Hollywood stars and Saudi princesses. From his studio in the greenhouse Sluice Gardens at Alkmaar he also designs already for many years the floral frame for the collection presentations of Summum Woman .


Actually, I’m happy all the time. A sunny day is all it takes to make me happy, for example, and I also really enjoy eating delicious food. What also makes me very happy are ‘crazy’ ideas; things that are unusual and innovative. I also believe you should just be who you are and trust yourself – only then can you be truly happy!



I think it’s stupid when people are not open-minded about creativity. I also get annoyed with people who don’t have a sense of humour. I think it’s important to be able to laugh with others, both at home and at work. I also think it’s stupid that a lot of people do things they don’t enjoy. I’m left wondering why they do it…



I hope all my dreams come true and I also hope to bring a lot of innovation to the floristry profession. I think quality and craftsmanship are essential elements that I hope more people will once again start to appreciate.



I am proud that I always listen to my heart. Although this does not always result in the most sensible decision, it has always worked out well in my experience up to now. I am also proud of my experience in both the Netherlands and abroad and am looking forward to finding out what the future holds. I’m not afraid of the unknown!



I think ‘regret’ is rather a strong word. I believe you have to live in the here and now and enjoy every day to the full. Of course, there are things that I wish I’d done, but I’ve never regretted anything.


I’d like to pass the baton on to Anton van Duijn.


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