The five emotions of Menno Kroon


The floral signature of Menno Kroon now enjoys worldwide recognition. Relying on his intuition is key in everything he does, whether it’s floristry, interior design or his artistic vision.


I most enjoy saying the word ‘happy. It reminds me of the ‘Happy’ song of Pharrel Williams. But I also enjoy being happy! Though, that can be rather difficult – just try to be nothing but happy!


What does ‘stupid’ actually mean? Does it perhaps mean the same ‘dumb’? I don’t honestly know. There are always stupid experiences in life, but often you cause these for yourself. My tip is to learn from them and look for faults in yourself before looking for them in other people!


I always hope to see the best in people and to receive the best from people. I believe we need to give one another this energy much more. Radiate hope too and inspire other people, and then you will be much happier in your life!


I am proud of everyone who practises a profession, and I want to radiate this pride across the floristry profession. I want to raise the floristry profession to a higher level. Everyone in our profession should be proud of it and engaged in it too!

Then we’ll truly be the Dutch Flower Masters!


Regret is something that you have to discover. It’s all to do with decisions. Sometimes you make the right decision, but sometimes you don’t! And I believe the same is also true of life. When you make a bad decision, try to turn it into something positive. I always think that today is today and we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.

I am happy to pass the baton on to the very promising young florist, Mischa Hulshof!




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