Summer activities for kids in your flowershop


If you can teach kids from an early age on about flowers and plants, chances are they’ll come to love them! Showing them the beauty of green is meaningful and fun. And a nice summer activity to organize in your shop.

If you’d like more buzz in your flower shop, why not organize fun workshops. Whether you do workshops on how to make a summer flower design, a nice plant arrangement for the garden or fast and simple single flower ideas; it is all about creating a buzz.  

And for extra buzz you invite children to participate! It is great to teach young children about flowers and plants. They’ll reward you with lots of enthusiasm, especially if they can make something to take home and put in their own room.

LEGO planters

How about combining plants and LEGO: built your own LEGO planter! It might be in the shape of a house, a garage, an apartment building with balconies, a boat, a tree or whatever they come up with. Once built, explain why the bottom needs to be watertight (or things will get messy) and what the little brown hydro clay pebbles are for. Use colourful and easy to care for plants, like miniature Kalanchoes, Dianthus, African Violets, Peace Lilies, Anthuriums or Bromeliads. Or you can choose to let them grow herbs or flowers in their containers. Tell the kids what they need to do and they will be so proud when their plants flourish.

Lego planters Flower Factor

Other ideas:

Let them have a go with flowers

If you have flowers with stems that are too short to use in bouquets or if you have flowers that are already quite far along, why not give them to kids that come in the shop. Make a little side table and provide empty glass jars or bottles for them to put the flowers in. Smiling kids and parents guaranteed!  

Flower Factor KidsJam foto Nico Alsemgeest

Make flower seed bombs

Nothing seems to appeal more to kids than water and mud. Make the most of that fascination and organize a workshop ‘How to make flower seed bombs’. Instructions can be found online. Tip: do this workshop outside of your shop, because this one is definitely going to be messy! Inspire the kids to flower fallow land with their seed bombs and tell them about the importance of flowers for bees and a happy and healthy environment. 

Provide chalk

Is the pavement in front of your shop lacking colour and happiness? Invite kids to use chalk and draw flowers and plants and animals in front of your store. Makes everyone happy!



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