A photo tutorial by Pim van den Akker to show you a different way to present Dianthus. No vase needed!

The colourful Solomio® is the perfect flower for this surprising flower arrangement. With few materials and 15 minutes to spare you can create this interesting and commercial design. And this base can be used over and over again.


solomio design ingredients uitgesneden

For this design you need: Solomio® Dianthus by HilverdaKooij, dried eucalyptus, a glass bowl to serve as a mould, a hot glue gun and a pretty dish

Keep tools like knives within reach. Remove the leaves of the Solomio®.

Step 1:

Use the glass bowl as a mould. Turn it upside down and freestyle a basket shape of hot glue all over the outside of the bowl:

hot glue on bowl

Make sure you leave enough space to remove the basket once cooled (when you use a simular glass bowl as above). Once cooled and hardened, place it onto the plate. 


Step 2:

Start adding the twigs of dried eucalyptus by weaving them through the glue basket:

solomiodesign add dried fruits bijgesneden  

Step 3:

Pour water in de dish and add the Solomio®. Make sure they are cut in a (small) angle and have sufficient water:

solomio design endresult

Et voila!