Royal Flora Holland Seasonal Trade Fair 2018


Next week, Flower Factor will attend the annual Seasonal Trade Fair in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands. For this occasion, Flower Factor is going to decorate the central Royal Flora Holland House where the events for florists will be held. Some events are organised by us. You can find the program for these events below.

Will you be there? Here’s when to join us:

Wednesday 14 March:
– 10.00 am: Florists meet Growers – Kalanchoe
– 12.00 am: Masterclass by Pim van den Akker with students ‘Flowers and Design’
– 13.30 pm: Florists meet Growers – Hortensia
– 14.30 pm: Demo by Chantal Vollenbroek
– 15.30 pm: Florists meet Growers – Stephanotis

Thursday 15 March:
– 10.00 am: Florists meet Growers – potted lilies
– 11.45 am: Demo Chantal Vollenbroek
– 13.30 pm: Florists meet Growers – outdoor plants

Watch the Florists meet Growers video with florist Evelien van de Sande and pot lily grower Marcel van der Voort to get an idea of the event.

Wednesday 14 March at 12.00, students of Flower & Design will get a Masterclass from Pim van den Akker. Are you curious what students drive to study and eventually work in the floral design business? Watch the video below.

For the complete Seasonal Trade Fair program, visit the Royal Flora Holland website.

Video and photo credits: Royal Flora Holland.


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