Pim’s Blog – Sikastone Masterclass 

Every year I give a five day masterclass at the Sikastone Floristry Education in China. In these masterclasses, the accent is on the creative development from the students. They learn more about how their personality reflects in all the floral designs they make. In five days I show them more than 40 designs and learn them more than 50 techniques. They learn more about the cognitive connection between the brain and the eyes.

These five days is a floral rollercoaster. They learn how to make a floral design in a limited timeframe and learn how it is to make a design blindfolded and the effect that this has on the way you look at materials. I give them a lot of tips and tricks on how to make it easier on them and on how they can work faster with a better result. They learn a lot about themselves and how to use their strengths and weaknesses and how to process this in their future arrangements. The personal grow is bigger than what they learn in a normal masterclass.


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