More flowers and plants in hospitality business


All too often we see sad plants and wilted flowers on the tables in restaurants, bars and hotels. Florists can do better! Good usage of flowers and plants can create a great atmosphere and add to the experience for guests. So, we think there’s a big opportunity for florists and the hospitality branch. 

Would you like to see more flowers and plants being used in restaurants, bars & hotels? Florists can do that! It’s all about originality and knowledge, something florists have to offer. To inspire florists, we use the hospitality business as a theme in a series of posts on our socials, using the hashtag #floristscandothat. We hope more florists feel confident enough to reach out to their local fellow entrepreneurs and offer to lend them a helping hand with flowers and plants!

Excellent choice of flowers 

When making hospitality flower arrangements, the choice of flowers is vital. Think for example about long-lasting flowers that give that extra dimension to a restaurant. Cut Cymbidium is a perfect flower for that with her elegant appearance, striking flower torch, the many available colours and shapes. What’s more, its symbolism (friendship) is a nice element in your arrangements.

Horeca Campagne Cymbidium Info groot barstuk Pim van den Akker

In this example by Pim van den Akker, cut Cymbidium is placed in a base made of birch trunks and tubes which can be reused and refilled time and time again.

Strong plants

The same goes for plants; the more robust and low maintenance they are, the more they will flourish in their setting. Think about Kalanchoe, Anthurium plants and Bromeliads, that can withstand little water and the curious touch of customers. Plants not only bring beauty to the table, but they also have air-purifying qualities. Next to their knowledge of suitable plants, florists have a ton of creativity to offer! Add an original touch to arrangements to fit the restaurants’ vibe, is another unique selling point for florists. 

Horeca campagne 2019 Kalanchoe roos 4

In this vlog, top chef Yuri Verbeek from ‘De Kokkerie’ shares his wild ideas about flowers, plants and the hospitality business.

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