A stop motion animation by Flower Factor. What if houseplants would choose their own home? Your home? Invite their whole family while they’re at it? And create their own urban jungle?

As Bromeliads have real character, it wasn’t hard to imagine them taking over a home. Flower Factor created a stop motion video for the United Dutch and Belgian growers and breeders of Bromeliads, bringing these colourful plants to live.


It took:

  • over 60 Bromeliads, such as Tillandsia, Guzmania, Pineapple, Aechmea and Vriesea in different colours and sizes
  • 837 photos
  • and many hours to create and edit this one minute short video

Flower Factor loved putting the Bromeliads in the spotlights. These beautiful and unique plants can really brighten up a living room and give it a tropical atmosphere. As most Bromeliads flower for months on end, it is a grateful plant to have at home.

If you’d like to use Bromeliads in a creative way, please see our inspiring designs with Bromeliads

Want to learn more about Bromeliads? Please visit http://bromelia.info/en/