Lucinda’s verslag van Alden Biesen


Lucinda, a talented Floral Designer who decorated a room for the second time at the Fleur Amour event in Alden Biesen. Just like she is, she has beautifull toughts around her work. Specialy for Flower factor she wrote a blog about her work and for a little while she takes youinside her world.


Catching the healing of nature, in a compilation of an object of 3 m. high and 10 m. long. The basic of wood represents the processes in life, each stick is a lesson, these connected stand for a solid base, decreasing towards a center point. The path of a process to your purpose. Your light. Assisted by nature, as is featured in the flower arrangements. Soft tones and special flowers, which radiate peace and simplicity, but so beautiful in balance sheet, even though there are contrasts such as yellow and purple. As in life, for example, contrasts will be in loneliness and happiness, in anger and understanding, ego and love.

A representation for anyone who looks down, has stress, don’t know what their purpose is in life, what life has brought them and what is their contribution to the environment or the world. ‘ What is my talent, what is my purpose … ‘ For everyone, I would like to indicate this, go out in the nature… she will lead you the way. Listen to the birds, the water … Feel the wind and the forces of the weather … See the beauty of flora and fauna … Test all the sweet nature offers … Smell the sea and freshly watered grass … Set the questions ‘ what to do ‘ during a long walk … and find the peace and answers in nature …

The funnel shape is made from 1350 sticks untreated and-edited wood, connected together with an air pressure gun and 6000 staples of 2.5 centimetres. The structure is set up from an arc which I have accurately calculated and for which I had to dig up my school period skills again! Every start/basic on the ground is the same; 3 angles of 120°, 3 angles of 90°, and again 3 angles of 120°. Eventually another 3 loose sticks in the top to connect all together. This on both sides the same. By repeating this arc, and decreasing it every time (this went on feeling), I scaled-down the structure of each arc in small steps. To finally create a funnel towards the windows. Also on the ground I made an accurate measurement of a walk-through of 120 cm. The outer stick stood 90˚ on the ground, the inner 45 ° and one stick in between. Without exact measurements this shape couldn’t expired perfect to 1 point. OASIS raquette ® 66, were playful, as a music song, placed between the structure. Arranging the flowers on the same level, yet lightly ajour. Everything is made from ‘founded’-material, what makes the cost minimal! Yeahhh #artwithtrash. Proud of the result and all the compliments!


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