Take a look in these beautiful floral shops worldwide. In this edition we ‘visit’ #Paris

Take a look at these beautiful shops in Paris. Be amazed by the style of some of the best floral designers of this century. Karl Lagerfeld bought his roses in Costes Roses Dani Costes and Eric Chauvin is the great designer behind the Dior floral shows. Take a look and inspire yourself, maybe you get some good ideas.

Vertumne: 12, rue de la Sourdière, París – Distrito 1 (atelier-vertumne.fr)

 Roses Costes Dani Roses: 239, rue Saint-Honoré, París – Distrito 1.


Gambs: 21, rue Saint-Sulpice, París – Distrito 6; 60, bd Beaumarchais, París – Distrito 1

Eric Chauvin

 La chaume fleuriste paris

 Arom fleurs Paris

Rosa Luna


Beautiful shops and so many great creations! So hope you enjoyed it, next time #NEW YORK!!