‘In the mood’ for chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemums are considered real autumn flowers. Therefor it’s the right time to show off with this versatile flower.

The rich assortment of Zentoo inspired Pim van den Akker to create an autumn mood board in which he combines trends and new materials with several of their varieties of chrysanthemums. Pim: “I am always looking for exciting structures, exceptional materials and new ways of using them. A mood board full of attractive images invites you to look at things differently. It shows you new combinations and possibilities.”

Zentoo herfstinspiratie stof sRGB

An easy but effective autumn flower arrangement derived from the mood board: warm coloured cloth with Zentoo’s chrysanthemum ‘Haydar Yellow’, Diplocyclos and Rosa Canina berries by My-Blush

A mood board shows you new possibilities

The Flower Factor team composed the mood board in such a way that the chrysanthemums and materials nearest to each other are perfect matches when combined. Pim made a few examples based on this mood board, which he happily shares with florists: “I’d love for them to be inspired by our mood board and create their own autumn designs with chrysanthemums. That they will (re)discover this versatile flower. And that they will surprise their customer with new combinations.”

Zentoo herfstinspiratie vaasjes sRGB

Another quick and easy autumn design idea: Zentoo’s ‘Flamenca’ combined with strings of beads and pussy willow

This fall Zentoo’s varieties ‘Bartoli’, ‘Bontempi’, ‘Haydar Yellow’, ‘Grand Salmon’ en ‘Flamenca’ will be highlighted. But off course we’d never imply the Chrysanthemum to be solely an autumn flower. That’s why Flower Factor will present a mood board each season. To show the Chrysanthemum as a bright centerpiece in wintery designs, as a fresh appearance in spring and a sunny element in summer arrangements. 

More inspirational design ideas from the mood board

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