The main florist chains in France are gaining ground. French consumers now buy 20% of their flowers and plants at a chain or franchise shop.

Individual florists are finding it more difficult to compete with supermarket prices.

The two most important players in France are the Emova Group (with 354 shops) and FloraNova (with 160 shops). Market leader Emova covers 80% of the French florists that are associated with a chain. The two chains have different shop formulas for specific target groups. The formula for success is efficient purchasing, clever marketing and product choice, and a combination of shops (concept stores) and internet services.

In the past year, Emova achieved a turnover of over €100 million with three proven shop formulas: Monceau Fleurs for the demanding customer, the more accessible Rapid’Flore for a wider public, and Happy for the trendsetting urbanite.

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source: Royal FloraHolland