#FreestyleFreesia: Start off video series


Flower Factor offers florists a different view on Freesias together with international florists.

In the lastest video series #FreestyleFreesia for the Dutch growers of Fabulous Freesia, several young and well established florists show their ideas on how to use Freesias. Each month we’ll share a new design idea to inspire florists worldwide. These lovely and fragrant flowers deserve to be in the spotlight!


Dutch florist Nelleke Bontje kicks off with this first #FreestyleFreesia video. She creates an original Freesia flower arrangement in sweet colours. A simple glass container is transformed into a happy base using coloured straws. The Freesias end up having a totaly different look and feel in this design.


Nelleke: “It’s such fun working with Freesias! With this design I wanted to share a summery feel that makes you smile.”


Every month Flower Factor will share a ‘freestyle’ with Freesias by a different florist. Coming up: inspiration from the Bulgarian florist Radko Ivanov Chapov, British florist Julie Pearson and Dutch florist Dennis Lanzaat.


#FreestyleFreesia: innovative ideas for and by florists, to show what Freesias have to offer!



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