Flower Factor focusses on funeral flower designs


These coming weeks Flower Factor will offer new inspirational photos and video tutorials with ideas for wreaths, funeral sprays and casket covers.

Internationally renowned floral designers like Bea Beroy, Alex Segura, David Ragg and Klaus Wagener share their designs and their cultural habits when it comes to funerals and flowers. What are the traditions in their country? And maybe even trends? What’s their style in funeral flower arrangements?

Even though it is small, you can put a soul into it
Klaus Wagener about urn decorations

German floral designer and founder of BLOOM’s Klaus Wagener recently visited the Flower Factor studio. Klaus: There are more cremations in Germany nowadays, so urn decorations are requested more often. I find it important to design a meaningful urn decoration, because even though it is small, you can put a soul into it.”

Spanish floral designers Bea Beroy and Alex Segura of 5 Sentits Florals recorded several ’How to make’ videos for Flower Factor with different types of funeral flower designs. “I love making funeral designs with lots of details, says Bea Beroy. But for a Spanish florist, making funeral designs isn’t a big part of the job”. That has everything to do with the Spanish custom to bury  the deceased within 24 hours. “There’s simply no time to make something nice.”

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These interviews along with photos and ‘How to make’ videos will be published in the following weeks.


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