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The Florists afternoon from last week was the very first time for us and to be honest we liked it a lot. We had a great day with very ambitious florists!

Florists afternoon on the 6th of September


For the very first time we organized a Florists afternoon at Flower Factor. Our mission is to liften the craftsmanship of florists to a higher level, so it will be easier for them to standout from the supermarkets. This craftsmanship is so important, that if we can improve that, not only it will be better for the florist but also its better for everyone in the flower and plant business. Thats why we want to be in contact with them. What do they need? Whats important in their lives and what keeps them going… 


We filled the afternoon with floral demonstrations from our Spanish ambassadors Alex and Bea. Chrysal gave a presentation about the importance of hygiëne in flower shops. The florists also had the opportunity to be creative with a lily, lots of them enjoyed this little workshop. We had some good discussions about important issues and off course there was time for networking and some drinks!


Its always exciting when you organize something for the very first time but to us it was better than expected! Lots of florists attended, there was a great open and relaxed atmosfeer. People felt free to participate in discussions and most important; for the florists it was worth it!


Were you not able to be there? No worries, soon we will organize an other afternoon! Leave your name and email on the website and we’ll make sure we’ll let you know about the next florists afternoon. 


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