Floral Fashion Show at 2019 Kunming International Flower Expo, China


Exciting floral fashion show led by Pim van den Akker.

On the first day of the Kunming International Flower Expo, a spectacular floral fashion show was presented by renowned floral designer Pim van den Akker. International models showed eleven floral dresses, the result of an intensive masterclass by Flower Factor, during which twenty-one students took their first steps in creating floral fashion.

The Chinese students from Sikastone Floristry Education were challenged to create a floral fashion collection from scratch. Led by Pim van den Akker, creative director at Flower Factor and floral designer Roos van Unen, the students learned about the endless possibilities to use natural materials as a base for fashion. Inspired by materials such as Icelandic moss, thin sheets of birch bark, sawdust and velvety leaves, they created the base for some spectacular dresses.

Not just another floral design masterclass


The five-day Floral Fashion masterclass by Flower Factor at the Sikastone Floristry Education institute in China was one of a kind. “The students need to be dedicated to the project and have a lot of imagination as this requires a different approach to floral design. Experiencing flowers in a totally new way by turning it into high fashion, is something I really wanted to teach. But the design and execution need to be of the highest level. Only then a Floral Fashion show can be a success”, says Pim van den Akker.

The intensive masterclass paid off. After five long days, a new floral fashion collection was ready to be shown to the public at one of the most important expositions in China. During the masterclass, the students had a steep learning curve. Their technique, creativity, and confidence increased, sprouting a new generation of floral fashion designers.

From scratch

china 4

“By starting your design with a clean slate, without an existing piece of clothing, you are completely free to come up with something new, something extraordinary”, Pim continues. “It forced the students to think long and hard about the whole process. Their base needed to be spot on, technically speaking, as you don’t want the creation to fall apart on the runway. And it needed to be tailormade too. All in all, they faced a big challenge!”

Emotional high after an intensive masterclass

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The Floral Fashion show at the Kunming International Flower Expo was the festive end of an intensive masterclass. All things floral, creative and fashion came together in a vibrant show. “The dresses shown by international models with matching hair and makeup, fitting runway music and an enthusiastic audience. It was the icing on the cake!”, says Roos van Unen from Flower Factor.

“The students have learned a lot in a short period of time. Their skills and confidence translated in this stunning floral fashion show: that makes the results even more valuable”, Pim concludes.


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