Five ideas of David Ragg


We asked UK floral designer David Ragg his opinion about today’s flower shops and what florists should do to become more attractive to customers.

5x Ideas of David Ragg

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David @Flower Factor

Top Designer David Ragg visited Holland for a couple of days and we invited him at Flower Factor for a good conversation and to discover his work. We asked him what his experience is on how to run a good florist shop and what good advice he has for florists around the world.

1.Be different, the way people buy massively changed in the last 10 years. Every flower shop should be different. I think florists have to realize that they can’t sit in their shops anymore waiting for people to come in. I think they need to be a little bit more specialized and have a certain concept.

 2.Be ordered, look at the way you are presenting yourself as a florist. The customers want to come to your shop because you have the knowledge, the care, the passion. How do you merchandise your shop? is it coherent, easy for the customer to walk trough the door and to buy something? Make that journey as easy as possible.


International Poinsettia Day, Bridal Piece

 3.Make a story, be pro active in your shop. Most flower shops are far too general, you can leave that to the supermarkets. Capture your flowers, there is always a story or something special worth telling about. For example “these are the flowers for love” and “these ones to say thank you”; give your flowers a message.


Leeds Castle Flower Festival 2014

 4.Create a long term vision, make it relevant to your business. For example, you regularly post a nice photo of a piece you made on Facebook. It may be stunning and you get 50 people to like it, but in the end of the day it doesn’t really achieve something. There is no call to action on it. For 6 months now I work with an strategy agency and they kickstarted me in the right direction. We started a small campaign and decided what we wanted to achieve. We gave away some of our flowers in an online campaign which didn’t cost that much. In return, I received around 500 email addresses from new prospects, all locals.



RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2010

 5.Bring your knowledge to customers, it is all out there. As a florist you know what you’re talking about in this industry. Tell the customer why you use particular roses from certain growers… for example, because they smell fabulous or because of their unique origin. Link the growers to the sellers. People like the stories behind the flowers, make the people come back for your flowers, stories, knowledge and vision.


A couple pictures of his work 


Once upon a time Mexico City



 Messe Essen


RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2010


RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2010



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