Five emotions of Julie Pearson


Julie Pearson a well respected Floral Designer from the UK who also earned her stripes as a teacher in Floral Design. We asked her to answer the vijf emotions we ask every designer participating this blog.


What makes me happy? Smiling and laughing, seeing the good in things.

Kisses and hugs from my children and husband. Hugs from everyone else.

Meeting like minded people with the similar passion, energy and ethos for our floral industry and education.

Listening, looking, touching and exploring the world around me; in the garden, at the beach or an old second-hand shop.

What makes me happy is finding time to create, to explore and to play with truly seasonal materials, flowers, and foliages in order to develop my craft. 


Stupid is a rather unpleasant word.

I encourage my students or delegates to ask those stupid questions. In my view, the only stupid question is ” the question that is not asked.” 


Hope is for a healthy and long life.

Everything else in life is what you make it, through a little luck, hard work, and tenacity to  achieve your goals.


I feel pride in being acknowledged by our industry as a passionate professional designer and keen educationalist.

I receive the satisfaction that my family are proud of my who I am. 


My only regret is not meeting sooner the many new friends and associates that I have been working alongside recently. 

I feel it is crucial, were possible to create a positive out of something we truly may regret. To make amends and learn from the situation


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