Five emotions of Bea Beroy


Bea Beroy, one of Flower Factors great and respected ambassadors, has given us an open and honest look inside her five emotions. This is also how we know Bea, very sweet, a great heart and a great seance of detail what you can definitely see in het work.


Happiness makes me feel exited and full of optimism. I’m happy walking near the sea, feeling breeze with its pleasant scents, I feel happy sharing nice moments with my family and having a cup of coffee with my mom (still learning things from her), as well as having a cup of red wine with my friends. And I feel happy working with flowers and plants, and sharing experiences with my colleges.


I feel stupid when one and another time I make the same mistakes, but day by day I have noticed, that I can learn about all the things that some time had made me feel stupid, so now, I prefer to think, that when something or somebody makes me feel stupid, I just have to try to find what can I learn about that experience. Wars are stupid, and I don’t feel we can learn anything about them, but how to avoid them.


Hope for me is future….hope is what makes me wake up every day,  I feel hope when I see that we are still able to help one each other, when I notice solidarity not only between human beings. Hope is future and future is sympathy for me. I feel hope in the innocent and curious eyes expression of a child, and in the sweet and lovely eyes of elderly people.


I’m proud of my parents, for all the things that they have taught me. I’m proud, really proud of my two daughters; they are the best window of what future can be, they make me be proud of myself. I’m proud of all the work that I have been able to realize in almost 30 years as a florist, proud to be able to teach and learn from all my students and colleagues. I’m proud to be a florist. And I am proud of myself for how strong I have been able to be in the difficult days that life has  trust me. And I am proud of myself for how strong I have been able to be in the difficult days that life has  trust me.


Not to many regrets; maybe regret because I would have liked to dedicate more time to my daughters, work sometimes didn’t let me. Regret to be smarter in some moments of my life, but as I have learned a lot about these moments, I prefer to choose the positive part of them.

I am delighted to past the baton to my dear collegue Alex Segura


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