Five emotions of Anton Van Duijn


Anton Van Duijn’s life revolves around flowers. He has been working in the floral sector for over 30 years, and was a finalist for ‘Holland’s Best Floral Stylist’. Since November Anton has been working as a floral stylist with our online flower service Bloomon, where he puts together extraordinary creations every week.


Happiness is a feeling that gives me energy. I’m happy when I’m lying on my back in a field of flowers and the bees are buzzing around me. When I feel the butterflies of love fluttering in my stomach or make music with my friends. When I’m swimming in the ocean and the water lifts me up as if I’m floating on air. Of course I’m also happy when I’m looking for beautiful flowers at a grower and can choose them straight off the plant. In those small moments I feel happy!


I actually find very few things stupid. I find the suffering that is inflicted on people and animals incredibly stupid, but otherwise I am always open to my surroundings and I don’t really relate to the word ‘stupid’. I’m an open person, and I allow people to make mistakes. That shows that you’re human!


I hope for an incredible number of things. I hope that the profession of floral stylist is recognised worldwide, and that I inspire people with it. I also hope that my designs are seen around the globe, and I hope to travel great deal to be inspired by other professional enthusiasts. Hopefully I will live long enough to be able to pass on all my knowledge about flowers, but I’m sure that’ll happen. After all, I have nothing but flowers and love in my heart!


I am proud that I have won my place both inside and outside my professional field through my own efforts. You always see that dedication reflected in the finished product. I am also proud of the people around me who need to keep up with my pace. After all, it’s not easy working with a creative Gemini! Of course I am also incredibly proud of my son Gijs, who has his mother’s heart of an angel, respects everything around him and is strong in making his own choices.


I have no regrets. I like to respond spontaneously, and if I regret it afterwards I always apologise sincerely. As a creative person, I live massively in the moment, so when people give me advice in often goes over my head. That’s why it’s good to have a team of professionals around me who make sure that the decisions I make do not lead to regrets.

I am delighted to hand the baton on to the talented and extremely ambitious Nathalie Fasé from Gift by Nature.


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