European florist panel for LG Flowers


Which new variety of mini gerberas has the wow-factor? With which varieties in the assortment would a florist like to stand out? And which varieties offer the most creative possibilities? LG Flowers, breeder and grower of mini gerberas, asks European florists to help in their selection process. 

With so many new varieties in the making, choosing the best and most promising varieties is of the greatest importance. To lend LG Flowers a hand in the decision-making process, a selection of florists based in Europe will join the LG Flowers’ test panel. They will receive flowers 3 or 4 times in 2019 with the request to use them and give their professional opinion. 

Feedback is essential

LG Flowers produces around 94 mini Gerbera varieties and their Florya Breeding department selects new gerbera varieties. Nouschka van der Burg: “In the selection process, feedback is essential. After our own test phases, we need to make a choice with which flowers we want to continue and that can be a difficult one. Therefore we’d like to involve florists in this process, as they are not only the most important link between market and the consumer, they also look at flowers from a different point of view. Their opinion on our new varieties is priceless!” 

Make sure to include in your email:

– Your full name,
– Your business,
– Address,
– Wholesaler you buy from,
– Which packaging of Gerbera is most handy for you

You’ll be notified if you’re one of the lucky florists to receive a treasure chest of cool, possibly new, varieties!


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