Have you ever seen so many Delphiums? Thousands and thousands flowers ..

When you attend a fashion show, the clothes are only part of what leaves you in wide-eyed amazement. There are the models, the makeup, and of course, the inspiring sets. This season it was Dior that won the whose-set-was-the-best game, thanks to the 100 people (from florists to carpenters) who worked day and night to make Raf Simons’ dreams come true.




Fifteen semi-trucks full of scaffolding hold up the construct, and with almost half a million flowers planted, the entire structure measured at 43,000 square feet and was covered by two semi-trucks full of Oasis flowers and 300,000 stalks of blue Delphinium. The place smelled out of this world.

[youtube id=S6xE0G3oop0][/youtube]