Duluth Trading Co at Flourish Flower Farm — Flourish Flower Farm


In the weeks leading up to the photoshoot, I received lots of guidance from Duluth Trading Co’s production team about what to expect. These emails and phone calls really eased my mind… basically their pros would handle everything and I could just be me. Everyone was so kind and reassuring that they wanted to document me doing normal farm activities. We talked through my normal daily routine and what I normally wear while working; they truly wanted everything to be as authentic as possible. About 2 weeks before the shoot, Duluth’s stylist sent me a huge box of clothing to try on with several different sizes of pants and tops. William was such a trooper and helped me take photos of each clothing item, from several different angles each, so that we could send the photos to the team for them to choose my sizing. It was pretty hilarious and we used sticky notes to keep track of what was what.

The weekend that we were scheduled to shoot was one of our busiest wedding weekends of the year. Duluth’s production team arrived early Friday morning to scout the farm and this was the first time they laid eyes on me and our property in person. As the production team was leaving, my freelance designers began to arrive and we got to work. I am so grateful for my wonderful design team that weekend (thank you Stacey, Laura, Kelly, Rachel, Hali and Ayla!); together we designed beautiful weddings and they really helped me to not be quite so nervous about everything. On Sunday, Duluth’s production team arrived bright and early, and we began hair and makeup. It was really nice to not think about making myself look “pretty” or think about what to wear… I just did what they told me to!

The shoot lasted for 8+ hours each day for 2 consecutive days, with 5-6 outfit changes per day (I think…I may have lost count). Each outfit change entailed setting up a new scene, whether it be in the studio, in the field, on the tractor, etc. It was way more exhausting than I imagined because I finally learned that when photographer Tom saw something he liked, he had me do the same action on repeat about a zillion times. Imagine picking up a full bucket of flowers off the floor, moving it several feet up and onto the workbench, then back again to do it all over… times twenty. It was tiring, but really really fun. Duluth’s team was so fun, professional and kind; it was a really neat experience to learn how much goes into producing these photoshoots!


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