How Long Do Flowers Last?


Whether you learned in a traditional flower shop, graduated from floristry school or you’re learning on your own as you go, every florist has more to learn. That’s why I’m spending the month of April answering questions from new florists (aka “newbies”). Today’s question is on flower longevity: How long do flowers last?

A florist wrote to say: “Thanks for the doing the newbie Q&A’s. I have a question. Google seems to give me all sorts of answers. How long can flowers and greenery stay in the cooler before they are not good anymore and I need to throw them away? Thank you!”

There are a few things to consider, of course, so click to watch my answer below! (And click HERE to submit a “newbie question” for me to answer this month!)

A few things I mention you should consider around longevity:

  • Season. Is this flower in season right now?
  • What’s its nature? Is this flower more delicate or fragile (ie spring blooms like tulips, daffodils and lilacs)? Or is it more hardy (like Italian ruscus, or a tropical orchid or anthurium)?
  • How old is the product when it got to you?
  • How did you care for the flowers once you received them?
  • Certain flowers and greens can be stored for longer periods of time if they are dry packed (ie not in water).
  • Ethylene gas causes flowers to mature more quickly AND fruits and flowers both share the same chemical makeup.
  • I also mentioned apical dominance, which you can see in action in my video, 2 Gladiola Tips on my YouTube channel HERE!

Thanks so much for tuning into my newbie tips this month.

It’s fun to answer your questions and share what I’ve learned over nearly 3 decades in the floral industry. I’ll see you all week long on Instagram with more Tips for Newbies!

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xo. -Alison

P.S. A few people I mentioned in today’s chat include:

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  • Mountain Flower Farm grows and ships beautiful peonies HERE.
  • Follow Francoise Weeks for inspiration on using unique botanical materials.
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