Floral Recipes and Flower Care Tips


No one knows everything they need to know when they’re jus getting started. That’s why this month is dedicated to answering questions from new florists.

You can find the latest “Tip for Newbies” below! And catch up on the previous tips you may have missed on Instagram HERE!

These are the questions I answered today:

  • Hi Alison, You mention on several occasions something about recipes. Can you tell me how you make recipes, and how you use them for decorations and bouquets.
  • Hi! I would love to know better how to create that loose airy design seen in so many bouquets without an armature. Also, how do you attach greenery to staircases and fireplaces without brick clips? I’m figuring chicken wire, but how to keep it secure? Thank you!!
  • How do you prep hydrangea to ensure they last longer?
  • Exactly how to use quick dip and alum – and is alum short for something?!
  • Plus I addressed the best boutonniere storage tip I learned from Gregor Lersch.

Click to watch:

In today’s video I mentioned my online course, Flower Math, which you can find more info on here and if you want to check out that boutonniere storage tip on YouTube, click here!


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