A Tour with Sustainable Flower Grower Ben Cross


Ben Cross, owner of Crosslands Flower Nursery, in Walberton, UK, joined me live on Instagram to share a bit about how he and his family grow, maintain and process British Alstroemeria! Check out the replay below or click over to watch on Instagram.

When you watch you’ll learn:

  • Why alstroemeria is not a “cut flower”
  • How sustainability is built into every facet of Crosslands Flower Nursery
  • Specific IPM techniques Ben uses–including a spider that eats itself
  • How long alstro produces in the greenhouse–it’s MUCH longer than I would have thought
  • Ideal conditions for growing and best seasons for sourcing local British grown alstro
  • And how much his customers love his product

After watching you can see that sustainability is at the heart of Ben’s operation. Under his leadership, Crosslands has led a campaign to improve labelling on flowers in the UK, undertaken an initiative to promote sustainable growing and cultivated a greater sense of community among its customers. Follow @alstroemeriaben on Instagram here and follow his #BritishFlowersRock campaign, too.

By the way, if you’re in the USA and you want to support local growers in your area, you can join the #slowflowers movement. Follow @slowflowerssociety and @debraprinzing as well as @thefloralsource, to learn more about sourcing American Grown Flowers.

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xo -Alison


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