5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Website


Marketing and branding are important pieces of longterm success. Most of the florists I work with have a website that “looks pretty good”, but they’re missing some important elements (and updates!).

That’s why I sat down with Emily and Mary-Catherine at Koehler & Dramm last week to talk about 5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Website!

You can take these 5 Website and Branding Tips and put them to work in your business today! Click to watch!

Do you want more brand recognition and inquiries from clients who are eager to book?

I create website tools and shortcuts for florists to help you create a site that doesn’t just look good, but actually attracts great clients and helps you weed out customers who aren’t a good fit.

I can help you take your website and your branding further with 2 courses made especially for florists:

The Art of Good Business is a comprehensive course that takes you through the steps I follow in my own business to get in touch with my ideal clients, improve my website messaging and hold myself accountable for impeccable customer service! (This is one of my signature courses and it includes a private Facebook group and support from me!) Click for info here.

Website Bootcamp is a shortcut to help you improve your website in 3 days or less! This is a quick, affordable course that walks you through the most important tips to improve your About page, help you get more “clicks” from interested clients, and improve SEO. Learn more and start today!

Taylor enrolled in Website Bootcamp and said:

“Love this course so much! Also the blog challenge is very inspiring! I’ve got 40 draft ideas already and 4 blogs written and scheduled!!!”

Successful Bootcamp Students Say…

Samantha said:

“So grateful for this bootcamp! The inquiry form is saving me from a long phone call to find a budget that is just not realistic.”

“I can do this at my own pace and revisit the info as needed. I like that it was presented in a way that was not overwhelming in regards to doing the homework….

I ended up redoing my entire website…I think my website is much better than before with a lot more content (doesn’t look like a 3rd grader made it haha) Thanks Alison!!!!”

Tascha wrote after updating her site on Day 1 to say:

“I don’t know if this is a coincidence but…has anyone else gotten an influx of inquiries this afternoon/evening? No joke, I got FOUR! 2 within the past half hour.”

Art of Good Business Students Say…

Rebecca Raymond:

“…four weeks into the class the inquiries started coming, I booked three clients and have two new prospects!…

I’ve learned about myself, my belief system, my ideal client, my accountability, and my personal wisdom (yes! I have some!) I’ve been given a roadmap for business success that will be a baseline for my future growth…”

Jessica Ormond:

“I just booked my biggest gig yet, by $3k…

I just have to say this course, Alison’s content works!my ideal client is more clearly defined, I’ve mostly reworked my web copy, have been better about blogging, and more intentional about how I talk to my followers on social media posts.”

Learn more HERE!


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