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Have prices increased for your floral business? Floranext surveyed 311 florists to get a sense if industry prices are increasing and affecting business. Here are the top 4 things things you need to know!

  • Florists have seen flower prices increase over the past 6 months – Over 98% of florists are reporting flower price have increased.
  • With flower supply chain hiccups, florsits have seen hardgood Prices increase over the past 6 months – Over 94% of florists are reporting that hardrgood prices have increased.
  • Even with the price increases, Some florists are still unable to get flowers and supplies from their wholesaler – 51% of florists surveyed stated they are unable to get certain flowers and supplies.
  • The increase of demand of flowers, some florists are having a harder time hiring staff – 52% or little over half the florists reporting are having some difficulty in hring new staff members.

For more detailed answers to each question on our survey, see the charts below:

Have day-to-day (non-holiday) costs for FLOWERS changed this year?

Florist -Survey-industry-insight-flowers

Have day-to-day (non-holiday) costs for HARDGOODS changed this year?

Florist -Survey-industry-insight-hardgoods

Have day-to-day (non-holiday) costs for GASOLINE changed this year?

Florist -Survey-industry-insight-Gasoline

Have day-to-day (non-holiday) costs for SALARIES changed this year ?

Have you been able to hire?

Are you able to get the flowers/supplies you need from your wholesaler??

Have you had to find a new wholesaler for flowers/supplies?


Additonal Comments From Florists

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Survey based on data from 311 florists (83% in the United States, 8% in Canada, 9% International). 


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