“White Swan and Bindi varieties in shortage due to COVID-19”


Since the pandemic, many people have been spending more time at home and gardening has seen an enormous resurgence in popularity. In turn, the demand for flowers and plants increased resulting in shortages among several varieties. At one of the largest breeders of African/American F1 Marigolds, AmeriSeed, for example, their White Swan and Bindi Varieties are completely sold out.  


“AmeriSeed customers have been ordering and stocking seeds well in advance of sowing times and inventory of several varieties has diminished faster than we could have predicted,” explains AmeriSeed’s Beam Sailern.

The White Swan and Bindi Marigold varieties have seen an exponential increase in demand over the last 12 months and they are completely sold out of these two varieties. “To keep up with seed demand for the next 18 months we recommend booking now so we can produce enough seed for the future.” 

For more information:
Beam or Tuck
Email: sales@ameriseed.net  


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