What’s happening? Shortages and prices have hit all-time highs


The flower business has always been susceptible to many influences that control the supply and price of flowers. September 11th shut down air traffic into the United States causing shortages and price increases. Numerous severe hurricanes hit Florida and caused shortages of flowers inbound and outbound. Nothing has influenced the market like the perfect storm we are living through since February 2021. Shortages and prices have hit all-time highs. Nobody knows when it will end or how extreme it will be. This is a concern for the 2021 Mother’s Day shipping period.

Why is this happening? What is causing this and when will there be a correction?

There are answers to why it is happening, but not to when it will get back to normal.

Wholesalers who have Mother’s day orders for 450 boxes of a particular item are being told as late as today that they will only get 30 boxes fulfilled out of their advance order. 

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