Weber Verpackungen presents a totally clean packaging solution


German producer Weber Verpackungen has introduced a new member of the Mixed Paper family: bloom guard Clean Base.

The main part of this Clean Base version consists of standard paper quality. Extremely wet-strength paper is only being used on spots where it’s really useful: the underpart which is in direct contact with water.

“In addition, corners in the bottom are cut only partially which gives stability at both POS and checkout. Moreover, the remaining base keeps the soil maximum inside, so a clean and optimal presentation has been guaranteed and the plants can still be watered at the point of sale,” according to packaging consultant Thomas Leithe.

Although made from 100% paper, lowering the frontside incl. cut edges on top offer the end-user a very good insight.

After being used bloom guard Clean Base is 100% recyclable. The packaging is of course available in various formats and with your individual printing layouts.


For more information:
WEBER Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG
Olaf Amende (NL)
Thomas Leithe (D)
M: +49 176 11809922


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