We need more flowers: campaign 2021


The We Need More Flowers campaign will start on 10 May in the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands. The campaign will start on 30 May in France. ‘We Need More Flowers’ focuses on the high points that you celebrate with flowers: friendships, milestones, love, and many other important moments in life, something we particularly need more of right now. With the addition of new elements to this campaign, we are emphatically showing the resilience and the strength of humanity to keep moving forward. Sector parties and retailers can join in again with the campaign by using the downloadable campaign materials.

Television main medium
This international campaign will be rolled out over 3 weeks with a strong media plan. This year we are choosing television as the main medium in all four key countries. Most of the media budget will be spent on a short (10 second) high-impact TV commercial.





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