Verdant Technologies hires new executive team member


Verdant Technologies has landed postharvest life extension scientist, Todd Edgington, as its newest executive team member. Edgington’s responsibilities as Vice President of Product will include planning and management of Verdant products throughout their life cycle, serving as a resource to growers and bridging the gap between Verdant’s innovation arm and its commercial enterprise.

Todd Edgington

Verdant President, Gordon Robertson stated, “We are delighted to have Todd Edgington on the Verdant team. Edgington comes to us with substantial product and technical marketing experience on a global level with some of the largest organizations in the food and food preservation industries. The skills and experience he offers will be a tremendous boon to  expanding our commercialization of unique produce and floral life-extension products.”

Prior to Verdant, Edgington led major product initiatives at Agrofresh, Chemtura AgroSolutions, BASF, and Syngenta and holds a Master’s degree in Horticulture/Postharvest Physiology/Microbiology from Washington State University. He began work with Verdant on March 15th.

“We all have to eat, period. It is truly a shame how much food is wasted globally, and our population is growing rapidly. What excites me most about joining Verdant is the positive impact we can make on wastage and getting fresh produce to people with limited or no access – and accomplishing this in a sustainable way,” Edgington said. “My goal is to uncover challenges throughout the supply chain from planting to the retail shelf and help ensure consumers have the best eating experience with their products.”

“I look forward to helping Verdant reach the full potential of its HarvestHold brand across the global marketplace,” commented Edgington, “and the power of our technology offers to be a true game-changer in the produce and floral value chain. 1-MCP has been on the market for years and brought tremendous value to the apple and pear markets. Verdant has successfully developed a novel technology that overcomes significant logistics and application challenges, opening up possibilities for treatment on a wider variety of crops.”

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