Tomato bronze in chrysanthemum is also a danger to tomato and pepper cultivation


Inspectors from the NVWA occasionally find the tomato bronze spot virus (TSWV) in chrysanthemum. People share photos of what that looks like on Twitter. Contamination means a nuisance for the grower, because the crop is severely damaged.

It is important for growers to keep thrips down as a vector of the virus. Important for the grower with contamination, but also for local growers with a bell pepper or tomato greenhouse.

In Chrysanthemum we occasionally find the tomato bronze spot virus #TSWV. A noose for the grower; he will do everything he can to eliminate the vector, thrips. Hopefully there is no bell pepper or tomato greenhouse next door.

– Inspector Phyto (@NVWA_Fyto) April 30, 2021


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