Tiptoe through a rainbow of half a million tulips at Long Island farm


The Waterdrinker Family Farm and Garden is bringing a vivid splash of Holland to Long Island with its annual tulip festival. The Manorville farm has planted over 500,000 tulips and other spring bulbs for visitors to stroll through this spring.

“You’ll see yellow, pink, red, purple, and every color in between,” said Marc Weiss, manager. “We are a family-run business. We’ve been in the growing business and greenhouse industry for six generations now.” Visitors can also play miniature golf and lawn games, visit with barnyard animals and run in an obstacle course.

“It’s always been a dream of ours to have our own retail site,” Weiss said. “We started this four years ago, we’ve been growing, and the community has really helped us along the way.”

The festival features more than 24 varieties of tulips and other spring bulbs. “If you see it on Instagram, it looks amazing, but it’s definitely a different experience in person,” said Sidney Alvarado, a visitor. “When you are far away, it looks like social media pictures, but looking up close to the flowers, it’s like unreal. You can’t capture how amazing they look.”

The festival will run for about four to five weeks, depending on the weather. With warmer temperatures on the way, the tulips may not last for as long, so the farm advises visiting sooner rather than later.

“We love seeing the young kids and family just light up when they see the beautiful tulips,” Weiss said. “Farmers have long days, so you know just seeing some enjoyment in families gets us through the day and keeps us going throughout the year.”

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