The top floral and gardening trends to expect for summer


Backyard landscaping and gardening trends come and go throughout the seasons and while the first sign of last year’s perennials will always be a welcomed sign of spring regardless of this season’s trends, there are always going to be certain garden plant ideas and styles that you can expect to see more of in backyards and at the garden center, too.

Whether you’re looking for a smart way to add some greenery to your small patio or you’re hoping to transform your backyard into a tropical oasis, here are the top floral trends to expect for summer.

1. Minimal and eco-friendly flowers
Many of us have shifted from purely aesthetic-based decision making to a more eco-friendly approach and being more intentional about sustainable gardening doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. “I expect that the latest floral trends this summer are set to incorporate a minimalist and eco-friendly approach both in interior and outdoor gardening,” explains Ryan Smith, Owner of Oregon-based Ant & Garden Pest Control. 

2. Florals that represent optimism
According to Smith, after such a tumultuous year at home, many amateur gardeners are looking to plant flowers that will give an overall uplifting feeling “Some of the top choices of florists and plant-keeper this year will be the conventional sunflower plant and the Red Maranta Prayer Plant due to their optimistic and cheery symbolism,” he explains.

3. Wild flowers
Thinking about starting your own at-home garden but not sure where to start? Thankfully, the laissez-faire approach is a totally acceptable way to go about gardening. According to Jen Stark, Founder of Happy DIY Home, wild gardens are picking up in popularity among amateur gardeners as a totally stress-free way to create a beautiful area outdoors.

“Instead of having to spend hours each week perfectly manicuring your yard, you can just let it grow,” shares Stark. “Add a packet of wildflowers and let them grow throughout the spring and summer months. You’ll get height and pops of color for your landscaping, and it makes a great place for small animals to hide.”

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