The growing season… Series on area greenhouses continue


Roush Brothers Farm and Greenhouses on Hill Road in Racine, Ohio is a local favorite in the spring, with flowers and other plants in all colors and varieties. Gina Roush has always loved flowers, and received her first experience working at a greenhouse in Syracuse while still in high school.

“I can never get enough of working in flowers,” Roush said. “I love to grow and plant them, and then watch as they develop and bloom, and now I am surrounded by them.”

She said husband John Roush built a greenhouse for her in 1990, and her business took off from there. “John has always been a vegetable farmer, but he knew how much I loved flowers, so he built a greenhouse just for me and my flowers,” she said. Her space has continued expanding and now encompasses over 138,000 square feet. “I started out in that first greenhouse,” Gina said. “And I just kept adding plants. I like finding new varieties and colors to add to the mix, so there is something different every year.”

One of the things she enjoys most is putting together container gardens for herself and her customers. The greenhouses contain many ready-made, but people also like the custom containers that Gina designs for individual customers.

Gina’s plants also include a wide variety of succulents that are ideal for container gardening and require less maintenance, ideal for those without a “green thumb.” For those who want to establish perennial beds, she has plenty of plants and advice for creating successful, lasting gardens.

“It is important to understand each customer,” she explained. “Some are really good at maintaining their selections, and others struggle, so I try to instruct on how to care for the flowers once they get them home.”

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