Ten Have Plant celebrates centennial


It actually took place last year: the 100th anniversary of Ten Have Plant, one of the oldest potted plant nurseries in Westland. Due to the circumstances, the party was postponed, but this year it happened: Ten Have Plant celebrates “100 years of growing together”.

From left to right: Rob, Dion, Vincent, Theo and Ton ten Have

Ten Have Plant was started in Honselersdijk after the First World War by grandfather Anton Ten Have, who came to Honselersdijk from Overijssel to grow vegetables, fruit and cyclamen. The potted plants were grown in handmade terracotta pots and transported by barge to the auction in Honselersdijk, then still CCWS. In the 1970s, twin brothers Ton and Theo took over the company. They specialized in the cultivation of cyclamen and the breeding and propagation of campanula. The latter was due to a bag of seed that was offered from Japan. It was a successful cultivation, because the brothers really got the hang of it.

In 1997 the brothers and cousin Rob, Vincent and Dion ten Have took over the company from the fathers. Cyclamen and campanula have remained the specialty of the entrepreneurs, because a lot of knowledge and craftsmanship has been built up over the years. In recent years, the company has grown into a modern enterprise where, with a cultivation area of ​​4 hectares, more than 2.5 million Campanula Portenslagiana and Isophylla are grown in the spring and over 500,000 Cyclamen Picasso in the autumn.

“We are a real family business, as the fathers from time to time also participate. The good division of tasks allows us to excel in all entrepreneurial aspects. But we are convinced that we can only do that by working together,” says Rob ten Have. “We learned that from our parents. Together with a top team of people we work on energy-efficient, sustainably and efficiently cultivated products. We have invested in knowledge, cooperation and technology. With the employees, with fellow growers in Decorum, we have grown with our trading partners and with the suppliers over the years. We celebrate that together.”

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