Sprouts Greenhouse seeing an increase in first time gardeners


It is the season for planting and a Fremont County greenhouse shared what they have experienced since last year, and what may be causing it. The owner of Sprouts Greenhouse, Griffin Sprout said the pandemic created something of a perfect storm for gardening, with many first-time gardeners showing up ready to try their hand at growing their own food.

Sprouts Greenhouse Head Seeder, Ruth Rico stated, “I saw a lot of the growth in vegetables, everything, but especially food.” Sprout explained that food insecurity was one reason for the increase.  There’s the possibility of being supply issues, that’s one thing to think about, but then also that they want to know where my produce is exactly coming from,” Sprout added.

She also said that many of the first-time gardeners from last year have been back again this year, and she speculates as to a reason why. “Kind of made us slow down and a lot of people that had never gardened, started. I think it was a stress reliever, it was very healing. It became a type of sanctuary I believe for a lot of people,” Rico stated.

“It has really got people to think more about gardening, being outside in their own yards, so in that process, gardening nationwide has taken off,” Sprout said.

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