“Six times screened and each time the water quality was perfectly under control”.


No less than six times last year the Roam Technology team checked Piet Vijverberg’s water system and each time it appeared that the water quality in terms of living moulds was perfectly under control. Partly because of this, the company won the Huwa-San Water Quality Cup 2020 in the ornamental plant category.

Like every year, the Huwa-San Water Quality Cups 2020 were awarded by Roam Technology at the beginning of the year. The producer of the worldwide known disinfectant Huwa-San awards these prizes to its customers who score the best in terms of water quality. In determining the winners, a few other parameters were taken into account as well, like percentage of crop loss, cultivation results, and general quality of the end products. In previous years, the winners were chosen in the Netherlands, but this year for the first time, customers from all over Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg were eligible. This year, two prizes were awarded: one for best water quality in vegetable cultivation and one for best water quality in floriculture.

Category Floriculture: winner Piet Vijverberg (NL)

Piet Vijverberg won the Huwa-San cup in the floriculture category. This company from Monster (the Netherlands) grows Phalaenopsis and Dracaena on a total greenhouse area of ​​7.5 ha. The nursery has been using Huwa-San TR-50 as a disinfectant since January 2019, on the advice of Albert van Hoeven (Royal Brinkman). The objective of using Huwa-San was to improve the general water quality and to keep the piping system clean.

In addition to excellent water quality, the general hygiene and cultivation results at Piet Vijverberg were also decisive for the win. Technical Sales employee Niels Claes of Roam Technology has examined the water system of Piet Vijverberg six times in 2020, and each check showed that the water quality in terms of living fungi was perfectly under control. Of course, this is of enormous importance in this type of cultivation.

Photo – from left to right: Albert van Hoeven (sales manager Royal Brinkman), Sander Vijverberg (management / owner Kwekerij Piet Vijverberg BV) and Niels Claes (Technical Sales BeNeLux Roam Technology).

Winner Floriculture Water Quality Cup 2019 – Gerbera United
Due to the outbreak of the corona crisis in early 2020, the announcements of the winners of the Huwa-San Water Quality Cup 2019 have faded somewhat into the background. But delay does not have to mean cancellation.

In 2019, Gerbera United location Zevenhuizen (the Netherlands) was the lucky winner in the floriculture category. Gerbera United grows a great diversity of gerberas at three locations (10.5 ha) with a focus on special varieties. At these nurseries, Roam Technology regularly checks the water quality over the entire system all year round.

Photo: from left to right: Jef Van Gorp (Technical Sales Roam Technology), Dick Kooij (manager Gerbera United), W.P. van den Berg (manager Gerbera United) & Niels Claes (Technical Sales Roam Technology).






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